I can claim I have understood women completely!!

Hi readers! Yeah this is the first time I am referring to the people who actually (I WISH) read this blog. I don’t normally do it because mostly its just me venting out whatever I have in mind to no one specifically. So anyhow lets cut to the chase..

There was the hype of 2011 and as I check out the bottom right screen of my monitor, February has already ended. Which essentially means that my career move is 2 months old now, but thats not actually what I wanted to scribble here.

So anyway the reference here was February. The valentine month ❤ 😀 Not for me at least. This day hasn’t been of much significance in my life, more so because in my teen years I haven’t had much luck on the V-Day 😉 So i decided that I should grow up and stop living in this teenage dream of mine. Being emotionally challenged and trying to be practical at the same time is a difficult task (Trust me, been there done that!)

Befriending women who are very emotional and are very expressive about almost everything in their life has made me think like a woman too *REALLY VASIF!?* are you bi?

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with a present she’ll never forget Don’t get her anything. She’ll never forget. #valentinesday

When you look at me and i look away its not cuz i don’t like you its cuz i don’t want you to see the HUGE smile on my face

I hope one day you miss me the way I missed you, and then I can walk away and ignore you like you ignored me.” BURN!

This illustration will explain how I have – well sort of – started thinking like women:


PS: This post was supposed to be published in February 2011, but somehow stayed in the edit section. Sad!


Piece of My Mind

https://i1.wp.com/beatlestrivia.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/mind-games-album-cover-john-lennon500.jpgRemember that your mind can defy the laws of the universe in one crucial way. It can go backward. Time can’t, nor can events – but your mind can. Let’s say you go into your office, and the first thing you notice is that an important report you needed was not written. The incomplete report tends to put in a less than resourceful state. You feel mad. You feel frustrated. You’re ready to go out and scream at your secretary. But screaming won’t produce the result you want. It will only make a bad situation worse. The key is to change your state, to back up and put yourself in a state that will allow you to get things done. That’s what you can do by rearranging your internal representations.

You are a sovereign, being in control, running your own brain. Now you are seeing the way to do it. In just some few exercises one can see that one has the ability to totally control your own state. Think what your life would be like if you remembered all your good experiences as looking bright, close, and colorful as sounding joyous, rhythmic, and melodic; as feelings soft, warm, and nurturing. And what if you stored your bad experiences as fuzzy little framed images with almost inaudible voices and insubstantial forms you could not feel because they were far away from you? Successful people do this unconsciously. They know how to turn up the volume of the things that help them and turn off the sound of the things that don’t.

It is suggested you ignore problems. Some things need to be addressed. We all know people who can go through a day in which ninety-nine things worked out right and come home totally depressed. Why? Well, one thing went wrong. They may have turned the one thing that went wrong into a big, bright, blustery image and turned the others into small, murky, quiet insubstantial ones.

Lot of people spend their whole lives like this. There are people who keep telling, “I’m depressed”. They almost say it with pride, because it’s become so much a part of their world view. Well, many therapists would begin with the long, arduous task of unearthing the causes of that depression. They’d let the patient talk for hours about his depression. They’d rummage through the patient’s mental garbage bin to uncover seminal experiences of gloom and past emotional abuse. Of such techniques are very long and very expensive therapeutic relationship s made.

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