Google Chrome OS vs Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard vs Linux


Google Chrome OS vs. Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard vs. Linux? Who would win the ultimate war in the battle of OS domination? Let’s not get into the technical details of Google Chrome OS at this point. We are exciting about the general feelings toward these choices.  However, if you are interested in the technicalities,  you can read more about Google Chrome OS from the official Google Blog.

Let’s face it, the reality is that it is still way too early to tell who will eventually take home the crown. One thing we do know for sure is that Microsoft will try everything to retain its domination in the Operating System market that they have dominated since Bill Gates brought up something called DOS or Windows 3.1. Google Chrome OS expects to make a lot of noise. We have followed Google since it’s born and we know everything coming out of Google will become something fantastic.

As an user, we love Google. It works just the way we want it to work. Gmail? Google maps? Google apps? All those Google Goodies have become a necessity in our lives. Google Chrome OS is about to change the map of OS, at least for the end users like us. Microsoft will still sell a lot of copies of Windows 7 to the big corporations around the globe, but Google Chrome OS will likely be available for free, just like its Google apps or Gmail service. As a result, I can see an easy switch for many of us since we don’t have to pay for Google Chrome OS. More importantly, the Microsoft haters can finally find something to cheer for instead of getting jealous of Microsoft’s success. Well, it’s understandable that Google would make its money elsewhere. Who cares if we don’t have to pay for Google Chrome OS?

Apple will still take home the market share for graphic designers or artists. I don’t see any changes there. Linux? Well, it’s free and the geeks always love it since they can show to their peers how smart they are. Microsoft will suffer from the release of Google Chrome OS, but it won’t affect it’s core business such as enterprises. Google Chrome OS will win the heart of many home users who love free stuff and love things that work… just like all Google services today.

Notes: Windows or Windows logo is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation and Google Chrome logo is a trademark of Google Corporation.



5 thoughts on “Google Chrome OS vs Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard vs Linux

  1. Google Chrome OS for sure, will enrich users option on os competition, and it like all other Google stuff I believe, would offer a more simple user interface but rich & efficient functionalities. Even tough I still have no clue on what they mean with browser based operating system 🙂 well just wait for it launch, obviously I’ll be queue for download it when it would come

  2. Truly agreed. This was my first reaction as well. What exactly are they planning to come up with browser OS. But one thing’s for sure after its launch Microsoft may just need to put their thinking hats back on 🙂

  3. “Apple will still take home the market share for graphic designers or artists”

    you’re crazy! Nowadays normal consumers are the main part of the macintosh user base.

  4. Something went wrong in this information, Google Chrome is property of Google. Inc and not Google Corporation, Please fix this information

  5. hi i am downloading chome os as i type and i hope it is as good as people are saying, i use linux [ubuntu] beside my windows 7 but it still isnt as fast as i want and we all know what windows is like for slowing down over time :/ so hopefully this new os will offer something better than those two. 🙂

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