Hate to Love the Internet

The most simple explanation to the lack of post on this blog in recent times, is the fact that this site is managed by a Digital Marketer. Obviously a digital marketer is expected to be seen online at least 20 hours a day, which essentially is true *eyes roll back*, but unfortunately in between ReTweets, status updates and awesome Pinsblogging has gone out of the window.

Thou as lucrative and glamorous as it might appear in the following image, the job of Social/Digital media marketing is pretty much nothing less than a huge pain in the ass. This cool graphic by a leading agency, doesn’t tell the whole story. Thou they would always try and sell you the idea that its all bling bling, unicorns and rainbows!

Social Media strategist, the fantasy
Aspiration for newbie Social Media Strategists

Being in social media pretty much means saying goodbye to your social life, sleepless nights and dreams of timely status updates. All hell the internet!

Anyhow, just another day at the internet factory, I was going through the motions and suddenly I came across this piece:

What makes a girl squirt during sex or other stimulation
Wiki Answers everything!

I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping. In simple terms, someone was looking up ways to stimulate their woman on answers.com. Come on! I mean internet pornography is one thing, this is a whole new dimension. No wonder NSA and CIA consider us as idiots and laugh as they spy on everyone’s internet activity. I sure hope the dude got his answers and showed his woman a great time (Y)


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