The Day I almost Died!

The dawn of 28 February 2010 turned out to be quite nice and it started quite well. But little I knew this day will have lots of surprises and events instored for me.

Well just in case i want to let everyone know I have a seven day week πŸ™‚ No late sleepover or anything, have to be at work and college at 9 in the morning 7 days a week!

So anyway, the day started easy and went pretty smoothly till noon but then things got outta control and bad messy really fast. Got in a little tangle with a friend and that was pretty bad, no wait.. actually its exactly what you call a screw up. Then didn’t feel like attending the next session so just slept through it and finally slipped out when I got the chance to flee the scene.

Later I found a friend who was willing to accompany me for shopping πŸ™‚ so volah! On a scortching hot sunday afternoon we both went for some casual shopping, and that turned out pretty cool as well. Thank God the streets were deserted and with almost no traffic, which allowed us to roam free πŸ˜€ Got done with the shopping in an couple of hours got ourselves some nice refreshements to beat the heat and off we went home.

But as soon as I got back home a weird depressing feeling took over. May be it was beacuse of the recent mishaps, that i was feeling so screwed up. So after wasting a few more hours i dozed off, but that didn’t last more than an hour or so. Giving up i headed out to get some fresh air and got a lot of smoke in turn.

Then as i came back and wanted to have dinner, i felt sick. Quite sick that i just felt like puking and head was spinning like a wirlpool. I then started cursing myself for smoking at the worst time ever. That feeling kept eating me for a while again and i wanted to kill myself, the headache kept on growing and growing.

Later on for some reason i had to get out of home and I realised i was short on cash, so i went to a nearby ATM. I as usual didn’t lock the door behind me because my car was just next to the door so there was no point since it hardly took me a minute or two to take out the cash.Β  So as soon as i put the card inside, a huge 6 and a half ft man with a gun came storming in, and i was like WTF! this is what remains of this day for me?? so i being already dizzy just got more shocked and almost passed out when i felt the pistol around my waist. The huge black guy was screaming at me to take out the cash, he took my cell phone and was yelling at me to hurry up. I told him the cash is coming out, and as soon as it did he grabbed it but upon realizing it was just mere Rs.500 :S He gave me an angry look and left everything, he said to me not to tell anyone about this. I was shocked that why didnt he take the money or either of my possessions, but he just told me to stay quite and simply left.

I stared at him in awe and confusion as I say the door closing behind me. I could still feel the force of pistol around my waist, i stayed with in the atm for 2 mins or so and tried to regain my composure and realized i could have got killed today.

The recollections of the day suggest that it was quite a screwed up day, probably one of the worst day in recent times.

Here is the lucky transaction that I made: I am sure on the most lucky transactions of my life, may be it saved my life.

The Lucky Withdrawl

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