Made in Pakistan – A fresh viewpoint

MADE IN PAKISTANI got a chance to see the much talked about and much awaited documentary by Ayesha Khan “MADE IN PAKISTAN”. I must say its yet another masterpiece from the Indus Valley Productions, Made in Pakistan is a documentary film that aims to portray the true picture of Pakistan that is often misrepresented to the global masses.

The story revolves around the four Pakistanis namely; Rabia, the working mother and journalist! Waleed, a lawyer with the beard who returned from London! Tara, the outgoing single publicist and Mohsin, the aspiring politician. A very critical thing shown in the documentary is the black political mission of Talibanization.

Moreover, the story features Pakistan’s internationally acclaimed talents such as fashion, style, music, drama etc. The movie also vows to discredit the sensationalists foreign media who have been creating hypes by pronouncing Pakistan as the most dangerous country.

As the trailer of the documentary shows a foreigner says: ‘I don’t find an ounce of like danger here’ Nasir Khan, the director of the film expresses “the sensationalism of men in beards stalking the streets of Islamabad may sell newspapers abroad but the country and its silent urban majority such as the four individuals featured here also hold high stakes in what Pakistan is and what it will become in the future.”

I am sure you people must be much excited to watch this documentary out. So tickets are now available and you can check this out. And for now, watch out the Promo.. cuz i couldn’t post the entire video here (:


Bleeding Billboards in New Zealand

People in NewZealand are as bad as drivers in Los Angeles. They cant drive properly! Let alone they would be able to drive the right way in the rain. The following video showcases work done by an advertising agency “BBDO” for the district of Papakura. In order to create awareness amongst the drivers to drive their cars safely, they tried to  send a message across by placing a billboard on major freeways which showed a face of boy, which actually bleeds when it rains, Creativity at its best.. Enjoy!

RockBrigade with Jal Pari & Pappu Yar.. Crazzy night \m/

Fridays are meant to be fun days at work, and this friday was no different. Work and those light moments and all the laughters in between; gave me a feeling that its is gonna be a nice weekend ahead. Well guess what i gotta a suprise call asking me if i am available to party tonight.. and my reply was… you guessed it right ‘HELL YEAH!’.

The sound of a party that would rock like anything felt really sweet to the ears. I just had one dilemma now, see a couple of days ago i got a couple of invites to a local channels jam session which was feautring the best in the business. The invites were for the 16th and 17th of July courtesy of ARY Music’s ‘SUMMER JAM’ and the list of talent on display was unbeatable.

The like of One of Pakistan’s greatest music legends AMIR ZAKI was performing there, to acconpany him he had TANSEER DARR of the band KARVAN, then they had OMRAN SHAFIQUE of the band MOUJ/co-VEN playing as well (he has somehow now become a session player but trust me man he’s damn good).

The lineup included  the very melodious FAROOQ & KHALID of AAROH and finally GUMBY – arguable the best drummer around.

Hmmm a delighful line-up how can I not go and attend this, plus it was a freebie :P. Somehow i could not attend the event on the 16th so i was looking forward to it, but i had a feeling its gonna be a much sophiticated setting where the attendees will be much sophisticated who will be sitting throughout the sessions and admiring / enjoying the music. What i actually looking was for a crazyy night where i could dance to the music, head banging and just scream out my lungs! Continue reading RockBrigade with Jal Pari & Pappu Yar.. Crazzy night \m/