You are nobody in the billion..

~They call it Life~

I have seen castles made out of sand,
Met people who believe destiny is engraved
on the palm of their hands

I have seen people change their faith,
Experienced love… change it into hate,
I have seen people grow younger with age,
and a bird who wouldn’t fly out of the cage,

I have seen love sold for money,
people who are devastated inside..
but on the out they are funny

I have seen the unicorn fall in love with the toad,
People who owned half the city,
have now hit the road

I have learned to expect the unexpected,
Doesn’t always happens as suspected,
Perfection doesn’t exist… we’re all defected

Everyone cries,
Some just hide their tears,
They say coal turns diamond
Over a thousand years

Someone may believe you are one in million,
For others you are nobody in the billion


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