Polly wants a cracker

17 year old Polly

Polly is a little girl who keeps falling in love with much older guys but doesn’t admit those jerks are actually Pedophiles because she thinks they are cool and of course Polly is stupid. But after reading the title of this post many must’ve thought I was gonna talk about that stupid green parrot  which Kurt Cobain talked about in the the Song. No i’m kidding her real pic is below:


I am assuming NO! I am pretty sure Polly wanted a cracker, (since Kurt was such a stoner himself) he was being a racist or cuz Kurt was Polly’s slave and she wanted him. Actually during European ancestry the slave owners cracked whip on their slaves and it would make sound of a cracker.

Stupid White Man

Cobain killed himself because he was either homosexual or may be weed wasn’t killing him fast enough. Declared himself as Buddhist and Jain at times, he was one confused soul. Cracker is basically opposite of nigger, (an insult to whites, an attempt to demean them) so the next time a white guy calls you Nigger, Black, Asian or Mexican, just call them a Cracker. Perhaps I shouldn’t talk about him since he’s dead, talking shit about dead people is bad and I have to die one day too.


Speaking of dyeing, Polly is quite fond of dyeing. She’s not stupid because she keeps falling in love with Pedophiles but because she dyed her hair amber last summer. Well summers are pretty cool, so cool that movies have been made about people knowing what others did last summer. I quite don’t get it still, why would people be such snoops and wander into other’s business and keep track of what someone did the preceding summer. I think its safe to say they don’t have much of a life and are mostly pixel counting at their respective jobs.

Coming back to Polly she thinks she is a naughty seductress which is not true because she is an under-aged teenager. But she pretends to be all grown up and keeps on dyeing her hair with weird colors. She thinks she has perfection paralysis which is true to some extent since she lives in her own utopia and doesn’t do anything until its done perfectly. Her stupidity cannot be measured, she can’t help but fall in love with pedophiles (which in fact is only a crush) and then she names her crushes as Romeo or Alejandro. Yes she does that I am not joking. She is actually a lady gaga fan (even saying that name makes me GAG – she has just a gagged up name) and I am not sure Gaga’s content is appropriate for minors :-@

But use of gags can shut people’s mouth then why doesn’t someone shut up gaga with a gag, rhymes? Or choke her even, is this why cuz she sings well. Yeah well I’ll give that to her she might be an extremely twisted and weird version of Madonna but yes her live performances are better than many of today’s pop stars like Biebers 😛 I just had to put it in there. Because Polly should be listening to bieber rather than gaga since she likes women singers.