Getting to know you better.


The infamous James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” BRAVO television program, asks his guests a few questions at the end of the show. If he were to interview a Marketing or Business professional, here how what he’d probably ask.

Now being a Marketing person myself, if I were to answer Mr.Lipton’s questions, this is how I would go:

What is your favorite marketing/business
–  Profit

What is your least favorite marketing/business word?
–  Bottleneck / Impossible

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally about marketing/business?
–  Ideas that turn in to creative solutions to problems/opportunities, helps make people’s life better.

What turns you off about marketing/business?
–  Not the business, but people rather who don’t quite get what marketing actually is in the present age.

What’s your favorite curse word when you see really bad marketing?
–  OMG you gotta be kiddin me!

What sound or noise do marketers/business people make that you love?
–  The constant tapping of fingers on the table, bang of the table when an idea is conceived

What sound or noise do marketers/business people make that you hate?
–  Cheap copy and stupid messages.

What profession other than marketing should marketers attempt – to become better at marketing?
–  Marketers haven’t left any profession untended!

What profession should marketers never try?
–  Finance, Number crunching, Statistics

If marketing heaven exists, what would God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
–  “Finally you’re here. My heaven feels so complete now”


The Agents of Change

The media is no doubt a potent tool with the power to change perception and public opinion, whether it with regard to environmental, political or religious issues. On the first day of 2010, The Times of India featured a print campaign with the caption “Love Pakistan”. To quote some parts of it;
“Terror, hatred and fanaticism somehow sit more comfortably in our minds when we think of the other side of the border. Is there any chance at all that we could still raise a hand, not in anger but in greeting? So on the first day of this new year, we’re going to make a start. Again.”

Front page of The Times of India (Jan-01-2010)

Aman Ki Asha is a campaign that hopes to strengthen ties between India and Pakistan on a people-to-people basis .The objective behind this campaign according to Rahul Kansal, the CMO of The Times of India, the largest media group of India was to take on a leadership position in campaigns that highlight issues as opposed to being passive reporters. On the Pakistani front, the Jang group has entered into an agreement with them to campaign for peace between the two countries which will also cover issues such as the Kashmir dispute, the water dispute and problems associated with terrorism. In addition the campaign will also promote economic, cultural and educational benefits. In February a trade meet has been set up in Karachi which will bring together businessmen and industrialists from both the countries.

At present a TVC featuring Amitabh Bachchan is also playing on local TV channels. In addition, independent research agencies will carry out cross –country surveys in both countries in order to determine people’s opinions on issues that matter.

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How the advertising space of Axion bank became THE advertising space of a band – Bad Cirkuz

I was just randomly browsing through the Cannes Lions Festival and i stumbled upon this, this i personally believe is a revolution and one of the most extra ordinary ideas that an advertiser can come up with. This is just simply mind blowing and when i was checking it out, i had my mouth wide open with my jaw dropped 10 feet below (ok thats an exaggeration!) lol.

On a much serious note this is simply superb. The whole idea is very simple yet very very effective. I dont think the banner ad spaces available on the website can be utilized more effectively than this, what more can you ask for than a like Concert! I mean then you’d only be expecting movies being shot n shown right there and then.

Axion is a bank in Belgium and to reach more towards the youth market, they went a step further. They engaged the audience by providing them something totally unique, persumably a life changing experience. Just read  between the line – What more a struggling youth band can ask for other than a great deal of exposure by performing live for their audience? And my friend a hefty 6.8 million impressions in banner advertisement is no mean feat when it comes to exposure.

Anyways enough of talking see for yourself the story of how the advertising space of a bank became the advertising space of a band. You’ll get the picture yourself and even if you dont get it, feel free to comment! 🙂