New Beginnings…

Moving forward

I recently hinted about starting a new job and wanted to take a minute to elaborate and let everyone know what I am up to.

2010 ended with my tenure finishing at Synergy Advertising in different Marketing roles for Digital Media & Publications, and although I have left Synergy for a new opportunity, I have nothing but amazing memories and accomplishments to boast during my tenure. I learned a lot during the time I spent there and found my niche within this industry, made great friends and developed professional contacts. There are many things about Synergy that I will miss, but am excited to move on to my new role and what I view as the next chapter in my life.

It has been a month now in my new position, as Digital Marketing Specialist at a stealth digital startup with new projects. I cannot reveal much yet about the company or service, but will in the coming weeks and let everyone in on what I am up to. What I can say is that I am very excited to be a part of a new innovative venture, backed by a large private group, with a growing staff of talented technology people. I am confident that when we launch, we will impress the web world, create value for consumers and improve the lives of our subscribers. Stay tuned and I promise to share more soon.


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