Hypocrisy of the Western world facebook included

Enough is enough and its been a very long time since Muslims have been put to the sword time and again. Still recovering from the previous wounds, yet another one deepens it. All over the world in places like Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan Muslims are living in a very tormented state. Well firstly they are pretty much responsible for their state right now, but they are fighting for survival, against a war that imposed upon them. Like here in Pakistan we are fighting a war that was not even ours, Pakistan is the worst affected country from terrorism and its just ironic how easily rest of the world claims that Pakistan is a terrorist state. Look at the numbers, they say it all!

Annual Fatalities in Terrorist Violence in Pakistan, 2003- 2009

Civilians Security Forces (SFs) Terrorists Total
2003 140 24 25 189
2004 435 184 244 863
2005 430 81 137 648
2006 608 325 538 1471
2007 1523 597 1479 3599
2008 2155 654 3906 6715
2009 2307 1011 8267 11585
Total 7598 2876 14596 25070

Source: SATP Database

If they mean the conutry under attack are a ‘terrorist state’ – then it’s another story.

Let me give you some facts since most of us only get to see what the media wants us. According to FBI reports, the terrorists activities in the past 2 decades are majorly carried out by Latino organizations and some parts of it by Jewish groups. Latino organizations are demonized, American people know that Latino groups have been responsible for terrorism. American conservatives know this very well, but all the media attention has been sapped from Latino crime organizations and Radical leftist organizations such as Antifa, ALF, Weather Underground, etc to focus on groups like Al Qaeda (which most of it’s higher ups and Osama Bin Laden in particular actually at one point received funding from the CIA); Hizbollah, even though Hizbollah has NEVER attacked or even did as little to step foot on European and American soil and other radical Islamic groups so western peoeple will get the notion that Islam and Muslim states are somehow more dangerous than their own domestic terrorists and need to be fought and their countries occupied to prevent a “terrorist attack”.

Speaking of domestic terrorists; don’t you find it funny (albeit obvious) that there was more media attention focused on the Branch Davidians in Waco (even though they did not harm anybody outside their organization), Timothy McVeigh and his Oklahoma City attack, “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski when he was arrested, or that guy that tried to crash his plane into the IRS building recently? But you never hear of Antifascists throwing stones into store fronts or completely holding up traffic (thus ruining the economy of major cities, which can affect the economy of the world), you never hear about crimes committed by the Black Panthers or the Nation of (fake) Islam or the Jewish Defense League and you didn’t see much media attention directed towards the Buddhist Aum Shinrikyo cult when they set off nerve gas in the Tokyo subways. Pretty ironic isn’t it?

Anyways I’ll take you back to ill-treatment of Muslims all over the world. The world didn’t have enough fun by capturing Muslim states and destroying them economically & politically, now they have found another touch point to devastate Muslims emotionally by disrespecting the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Even someone like me who is not an extremely devoted muslim cannot stand something like that. There is not doubt to the fact that a Muslim can even take abuse (in the most extreme case) for their family and friends but anything that is disrespectful to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is absolutely intolerable. No matter how unpractical a Muslim can get, but they wont ever let go of the last strand and even after that Muslims all over the world are being psychologically tortured with this.

Earlier it used to be either a single cartoonist who used to commit blasphemy, but now thanks to the global village, groups of artists are harmonized to indulge into a greater scale of blasphemy, isn’t this rubbing salt into wounds even more? It’s a pity that ‘Freedom of Speech’ is the righteous self defence for these low life retards with no values. The great hypocrisy of the western world – One can take their neighbors to courts for littering the porch & being disrespectful but disrespecting millions of people all over the world doesn’t deserve any hearing.

I am not a fan of the policies of our state, but here I want to commend the authorities and courts for taking a stand against this sacrilege and made facebook remove the blasphemous page eventually. I feel proud as part of the nation that was first to react over this issue and caused airwaves across media all world over. But hear me out for defending the govt’s stance, if every other site keeps on getting banned then we will end up isolated from rest of the world thus, stay behind instead of going ahead. Our protest has been recorded and we have been successful in denting facebook for not straitening its policies & its hypocrite behavior. After the popularity of EDMD, 20th of May, a group was started May 20 – Everybody draw & ridicule holocaust day

20th May - Everybody draw & ridicule holocaust day

This page was taken off by facebook after just 20 minutes of reporting, but the EDMD page was not taken down untill yesterday.

Its about time the peace loving Western society put their heads together and think of a way to control their so called one-side ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ and take a stand against radical extremists within themselves. It is very easy for them to judge any Muslim and call them terrorist without even considering the fact that its their own behaviour that provokes Muslim to take such drastic measures. Islam is a religion of peace and the Prophet also propagated the same message, those extremists paint a wrong picture of a very beautiful religion.


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