“Survival realities and a King’s Tale of Revolution”

So what is the real secret behind the survival of every single Pakistani living here? Hopefully most of you have the answers to it otherwise you wouldn’t have survived to read this anyway. Inspite of the fact that you’re alive, probably you don’t realize since all of you are caught up in your lives so much to even realize the basic survival mechanism here.Let me tell you a few secrets to survive.

In order to be oblivious of all the happenings around you, there are 2 very important things to note. Firstly get your skin as hardened as a crocodile or a rhino, 2ndly always wear green/blue shades or use lens that will enable you to see everything colorful and nice. A part from these 2 important things, stop watching / reading current affairs and news programs, and if its an urgency to watch em then please do so with the intention that these news are of some other planet, which we have got nothing to do with. The only things we should be concerned of is to indulge ourselves in the highest level of corruption and hypocrisy so that we are able to live a luxurious life just like our brothers and sisters. Trust me that’s the only way to survive here because people are not held accountable for these acts.

On the surface there are lot of pep talks but when someone or you become a part of this “GOLDEN CIRCLE”, take my word – to save a single stamp or LINK – the whole circle will get in action because collective interests and joint progress are the basics of this system. At this level, the government and opposition are both on the same page.

Oh forget it! so i was telling you how to survive a place like this, the key or main ingredient is to stop thinking! Your main aim should be only to make sufficient amount of money to buy everything in the world, literally everything.. which includes justice even!! Money is the key to every lock, nobody will dare talk about you or rather who will bother?

Because every wealthy bastard is involved some kind of illegal activity themselves; whether it be the case of fake degrees, bypassing heavy taxes, minting money in government deals,the story of importing wheat to an agricultural country like ours or even the case of importing sugar from abroad regardless having ample amount of sugar producing facilities right here; every single individual is ready to jump in the Ganges and get their hands wet. That is why i tell you to jump in the river too because no one will offer you a single drop of their share.

It is because of people like you who ruin others’ lives as well and give them the wrong impression that everything is going haywire: the law and order situation is out of hand, necessities of life like power, water and gas are no where to be found. And the poverty doesn’t allow any breathing space for the poor. On one hand the wealthiest are piling on their wealth while the uncorrupted one s are left fighting their own hunger.

Survival is my focus today,  I have turned a blind eye to all these issues. Nonetheless, I have to survive and I have to survive in this very society, leaving this country is not an option for me. It prompts me to find the answers to what  is the way out from the state of affairs? when i put this question infront of intellectuals and thinkers, their answer was – REVOLUTION – A movement, only a public revolution can bring change to this whole situation. But the best part is no one is willing to be a part of that revolution. It reminds me of a joke, read it till the end.

“Long time ago a King had a similar kind of situation in his kingdom, his people were depressed and disappointed. There was no law & order, justice was non-existent and it was hard to get even a single meal a day because of poverty but the King was oblivious of all this and was living in his luxurious ways. Upon realizing there won’t be any improvement in the situation, the people started chants of revolution and took it to the streets. The movement was so strong, it couldn’t be stopped by force or aggression, it grew so strong that at one point the King couldn’t even get out of his own mansion. He asked his ministers for a report on the situation of his kingdom and what were the chances of the success of this movement. The minister immediately replied ‘One hundred percent!’ the reply made the King think for sometime, and after a while he declared with a lot of conviction and dedication ‘An announcement should be made that his highness will himself be leading and heading this movement”

I am afraid that if our people wake up and start a revolution, it would end up in a joke just like this. The politicians and other related groups will take advantage of the movement and the common people will be left to fulfil the responsibilities of bleeding, tears and suffering. So my question again, what’s the need of a revolution here? when already people are already dieing and fulfilling these responsibilities efficiently. Inspite of my commitment not to think about these issues, I at times end up thinking unwillingly because for once or twice I bump into newspaper and news channels. Well as the saying goes old habits die hard.. same is the case with me.

The news for the day: A large amount of arms caught from an NLC container. A container of a government department can be used to smuggle Kalashnikov, Rifles and other arms to different places and God knows for how long this has been going on, just imagine what else can be done?

Errr forget it again! Let’s not think about stupid things and get stressed. Only stick to what I suggest you, just think about ways and schemes to make more money and become wealthier since it’s the only common thing that keeps us together 🙂 and who is not aware of the power of unity!!!


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