Refugee for your sins, What a crap!!

On a lazy sunday afternoon while going through the news, something caught my attention. There was a news item on msn, it had the heading “Adulterous Saudi princess in UK asylum bid”. It was about a Saudi Princess who went to Uk she fell in love with a guy, and now she is pregnant with his baby.

(read the whole story at the bottom of the page)

Longtime back i read a novel by Jean Sasso ‘ THE PRINCESS’9780553816952 It was about an arab princess sultana who was born and raised in the Al-Saud family which is one of the many Royal families living there. The book itself had many shocking truths that the world had never known before. It showcased the life of an Arab princess, who was born in a male dominant society, she being a female was looked upon with pity by her father and brothers. Male dominance in KSA is very common, women are shunned there and are just present for the sake of pleasure of men. Their lives start with a look of remorse from their fathers & brothers, and later on they are married to an old rich Arab as their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th wife. These rich old Arabs are probably big businessmen or some deprived prince, who only know women as a source of pleasure in bed. All their lives these women live with maids and servants as they long for togetherness of their husbands.

Considering  the fact that all their lives these Arab women lead a life under a veil and quietly fade away without much notice, this particular princess broke the status quo and did something not very acceptable in the Arab society. Well not that committing adultery is very welcomed or is a great achievement in other parts of the world. She did commit adultery but she knew its restricted in her homeland, now she has to suffer. She is now asking the british government for security and to allow her to stay in UK to seek refuge, so that she wont be punished for it. If she and her boyfriend will go to KSA now they will face death penalty for sure, i am not encouraging what she did was right but my question here:

Is this what everyone should do? Do something wrong and flee to another country to seek refuge?

Adulterous Saudi princess in UK asylum bid: report

Released on – Monday,20 July , 2009 -17:35 02

A Saudi princess who fell pregnant during an affair with a British man has been granted asylum here after she claimed she could face the death penalty if she went home, a

newspaper report said Monday.

A court granted refugee status to the young woman, who is married to a member of the Saudi royal family, after she told the judge her adultery made her liable to death by stoning in Saudi Arabia, The Independent said.

A spokeswoman for the Home Office in London refused to confirm the report, saying it did not comment on individual cases. A spokesman for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London was unavailable.

According to the newspaper, the princess — who was granted anonymity by the court — is one of a small number of citizens of Saudi Arabia who claim asylum in Britain but whose cases are not openly acknowledged by either government.

Recognition by the government would be viewed as criticism of human rights in Saudi Arabia, which would embarrass both sides, it said.

The princess reportedly met her boyfriend, who is not a Muslim, during a visit to London. She became pregnant the following year and returned to Britain to have the baby in secret.

Since then her family has broken off contact with her, and she persuaded a court that if she returned home then both she and her child would be subject to capital punishment under Sharia law, namely flogging and stoning to death.


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