How the advertising space of Axion bank became THE advertising space of a band – Bad Cirkuz

I was just randomly browsing through the Cannes Lions Festival and i stumbled upon this, this i personally believe is a revolution and one of the most extra ordinary ideas that an advertiser can come up with. This is just simply mind blowing and when i was checking it out, i had my mouth wide open with my jaw dropped 10 feet below (ok thats an exaggeration!) lol.

On a much serious note this is simply superb. The whole idea is very simple yet very very effective. I dont think the banner ad spaces available on the website can be utilized more effectively than this, what more can you ask for than a like Concert! I mean then you’d only be expecting movies being shot n shown right there and then.

Axion is a bank in Belgium and to reach more towards the youth market, they went a step further. They engaged the audience by providing them something totally unique, persumably a life changing experience. Just read  between the line – What more a struggling youth band can ask for other than a great deal of exposure by performing live for their audience? And my friend a hefty 6.8 million impressions in banner advertisement is no mean feat when it comes to exposure.

Anyways enough of talking see for yourself the story of how the advertising space of a bank became the advertising space of a band. You’ll get the picture yourself and even if you dont get it, feel free to comment! 🙂


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