RockBrigade with Jal Pari & Pappu Yar.. Crazzy night \m/

Fridays are meant to be fun days at work, and this friday was no different. Work and those light moments and all the laughters in between; gave me a feeling that its is gonna be a nice weekend ahead. Well guess what i gotta a suprise call asking me if i am available to party tonight.. and my reply was… you guessed it right ‘HELL YEAH!’.

The sound of a party that would rock like anything felt really sweet to the ears. I just had one dilemma now, see a couple of days ago i got a couple of invites to a local channels jam session which was feautring the best in the business. The invites were for the 16th and 17th of July courtesy of ARY Music’s ‘SUMMER JAM’ and the list of talent on display was unbeatable.

The like of One of Pakistan’s greatest music legends AMIR ZAKI was performing there, to acconpany him he had TANSEER DARR of the band KARVAN, then they had OMRAN SHAFIQUE of the band MOUJ/co-VEN playing as well (he has somehow now become a session player but trust me man he’s damn good).

The lineup included  the very melodious FAROOQ & KHALID of AAROH and finally GUMBY – arguable the best drummer around.

Hmmm a delighful line-up how can I not go and attend this, plus it was a freebie :P. Somehow i could not attend the event on the 16th so i was looking forward to it, but i had a feeling its gonna be a much sophiticated setting where the attendees will be much sophisticated who will be sitting throughout the sessions and admiring / enjoying the music. What i actually looking was for a crazyy night where i could dance to the music, head banging and just scream out my lungs!

So i went with my gut feeling and gave the passes to one of coullegues so he can take his girl there and have a good time, OMG I M A CUPID ! :/. hahaha, decided i will go to this other gig which had on the cards the hottest thing in the music scene around – AtIf Aslam, the boy wonder and teenage sensation and what more can you ask for?? The Real Rockstar of Pakistani music – ALI AZMAT. Plus you have Omran and Gumby from Summer Jam playing there too, so i figured out this one’s is gonna be a kickass show. The place was carlton hotel and time 10 pm.. Carlton here i come.

Well gettin there wasnt as smooth as i thought. I was stopped just minutes away from the venue by one of our pretigeous law enforcerers, the infamous TULLAS. He stopped me in the middle of the road and i knew he just wanted to bug me n want me to bribe him for no reason cuz i was doing okay. So as it turns out he kept messing with me for like 10 – 15 mins, and my patience ran out. I was finally able to get rid of him as a couple of phone calls did the trick, but he took 15 minutes which led to my late arrival at the concert.

6452_108191572131_665952131_2703484_4618343_n-300x225Luckily i didnt miss much as Atif was just about to begin. And what a begning it was! BANG came atif with his first number – Sahelian, great start and so the party got started. When his performance started people were lazing on their seats and presented the picture of a very dull crowd, but boy Atif knows how to get people jumping off their seats.. Litrerally!

All the crowd poured in front of the stage and the show went on as he sang one hit after another, with the likes of Jal pari that he did for coke studio, but he mostly experimented with mixes of punjabi and other songs.  There was one special moment in his performance when he dedicated the song “Meri Kahani” to his nanno and told her how much he loved her, it was really moving.

The special performance was once again from on of the Coke Studio sessions – ‘Pyar the Wasta’, in which he payed tribute to the great Michael Jackson, by blending the song with Bille Jean lyrics, it was a good effort but somehow i feel he didn’t do justice to Bille Jean by singing it in a very desi manner. Anyways he rounded up his part of show by his record hit ‘Adat’, which reminded many of his true talents.

Crowd did enjoy alot and were all dancing & jumping, but somehow his performance was a bit lack luster, the true energy was missing from his performance, he seemed exhausted somewhat and didnt live up to the expectations. Having said that his 2,3 songs did rocked the floor.

Me and a bunch of friends were having a good time, posed for the camera, had a few drinks & smoke, danced, screamed and simply went crazy. Omran Shafique from Mouj was accompanying Ali Azmat with his performance, my couple of friend fooled around with him n took a few pictures.

Moving on,before the performance of Ali Azmat there was an unexpected delay and the 2 hosts from AAG TV (Rock brigade’s organizers) entertained the crowd with their cheezy and stupid jokes before they were booed off stage. Finally the stage was ready: Gumby on drums, Omran on Lead, Ali (the other ali) on the bass. Ali azmat emerged on the stage and got to business straight away with a rocking number – Gallan, it was a great show first up and his supporting musicians didnt disappoint. The opener was so good that it got the crowd going and forget the disappointment of Atif’s performance.

Ali AzmatAli Azmat got down to business as his partners Omran and Gumby played exceptionally well music throughout his performances. He did various numbers from Garaj Baras to Tarra jala and to Pappu yar and Dosti.

I personally feel the last part of his performance was the best; which included the songs Pappu Yar and Dosti. Both of these were fast tracks which made the crowd go wild and some awesome drumming by Gumby proved to be icing on the cake.

Truely a kickass show which left all of us exhausted and our throats sore. It was just the perfect day, with perfect weather for music n getting crazzy on the beats. it all ended up nicely as well with a long drive back home.


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