Iran Riots Shame on the American Media Coverage

Right now while American college students are enjoying their summer break, in Iran college students are taking to the streets to protest the recent Presidential election. The BBC reports “Nothing has been seen on the streets of Tehran like this since the revolution”.  About 60 percent of Iran’s 70-million population is under 30 years old.

Iranians feel their election has been stolen from them by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after the Iranian government proclaimed him the victor with over 63% of the vote. With a projected voter turnout of 85% many in Iran and around the world think the election was fraudulent.

I read this on another blog:

Samira Mohammadi, 25 University student “It’s not a democracy. It’s dictatorship. They have obviously rigged the votes, nobody believes in the results they have announced. Debates held last week on TV proved that Ahmadinejad is a great liar, that’s even what people called him in huge rallies, ‘the liar president’. How can we trust the results when they come from the Interior Ministry of the government? They blocked SMS totally yesterday, they didn’t allow Mousavi’s representative to monitor polls and they counted the votes without any monitoring from non-governmental people.”

The most disturbing part for me is the lack of coverage by broadcast media in the United States. CNN calls themselves as the place to go for news. All evening their “news” has been pieces on the David Letterman – Sarah Palin rift, and like now a rerun of Larry King Live featuring those guys from American Chopper. They do report a little and show some video during “news breaks” as do most of the major television news networks

If you want to know what is going on you have to go to the Internet. Google News has over 10,000 news articles. Coverage by the BBC World News has been good. There are lots of good YouTube videos.

Opposition supporters have staged protests in Tehran after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner of Iran’s presidential poll.”

The Latest News on CNN is “Six Flags filing for bankruptcy”.

Which do you think is more news worthy? What a disgrace. Young Iranians take to the streets crying for freedom and CNN thinks the big news story is Six Flags filing for bankruptcy.

Social networks are buzzing about it. Twitter is lighting up with some news and lots of anger at the American media. Five of the top ten trends on Twitter:

  • Tehran
  • Iranian
  • cnnfail (CNN’s failure to cover)
  • iranelection
  • iranrevolution

The Iran page on Facebook has been another source of video, pictures and commentary.

The latest news is there are fires all over the place. With the police cracking down so hard on street protest, people have taken their cars to the streets as a show of protest. CNN is now leading their news with a “Developing Story” Ahmadinejad Re-Election Sparks Unrest. What an understatement!


3 thoughts on “Iran Riots Shame on the American Media Coverage

  1. Just like usual the media is blowing this out of proportion. This is not about Moussavi but the people releasing they’re rage mostly the young people that I am part of myself. Moussavi was prime minister and oppressed then so he will opress now.

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