I fell in love with her the first time i saw her!

Being the youngest in the family i have always been pampered and taken care of, i have always been treated as what you call a “Superstar” 😀

Still today my dad pampers me alot.. haha lucky me! But its ironic to see how life goes on, relationships evolve and  you take up different roles in life. I always looked upon my dad for everything i needed whether it be assitance in my projects or monetary favors, that great man has always been there. I hear it from my mother often that when i was about to come in this world, my father was expecting a girl, so he had done all the preparations accordingly, but fortunately or unfortunately it was me whom he got! Nonetheless he was still over the moon for being a father of 2 sons, his 2 arms… (filmy eh!). He claims it very proudly that i am his boy and my brother is my mom’s favourite.abbajee

Naturally he has high expectations of me and who can blame him, he always set the bar high for me and i have been able to be just that good myself. Having said that he is still very cirtical of me because he thinks theres a huge room for improvement which is absolutely true. But at times its scary to think whether i would be able to fullfil all his dreams and be a better person in his life, whether i can be as good as my father has been to his children, all these questions make sense but I am too full of my life nowadays to give it a serious thought.

Being a father is THE MOST beautiful feeling that a man can ever have in his life time, that too of a very beautiful and cute angel like girl, unfortunately my dad never got to experience that because i popped up but my very own elder brother is going through this experience as i type away. His wife gave birth to the most cutest creature ever born, she is a 8 pound chubby little angel just 30 hours ago. She is a carbon copy of her mother and my grandmother. That make me her Chacha (uncle) which is a bit hard for me to swallow because i am kind of not ready to be that, it seems like a responsibility and i all of a sudden feel really grown up because there is a new child in the family who is not my cousion (since most of my cousins are toddlers age range from 3-18 years). She is actually my niece!! Wow thats awesome.


I have always been close to my brother, apart from a series of daily wars in our childhood, its been pretty smooth and we get along really well. He being the elder one always looks out for me, since the school days he used to go and beat up all the bullies who try to mess with me, then later used to give me money for my extra spending which i couldn’t ask my parents for. So as i said I’ve always been quite pampered and my brother has been no exception in spoiling me. After he got married his wife assumed the same role and she (even thou being younger than me) has always been treating me like a little brother and taking care of all my things when mom’s no around.

Today i feel a responsibility towards my brother’s daughter, i swere i must have been the happiest uncle on this planet! and i will make sure my niece lives like a princess and be as the most luckiest girl ever. I will make sure she gets the best of everything and not even a single soul dares to harm her ever!

I got a bit late in getting to the hospital aftP1040375er she came in this world, as a duty i was supposed to get the sweets for everyone, i was so excited that i just couldn’t stop rushing towards the hospital and later to her room, as i stepped in the room i looked around and i was presented with this cute little angel by my mom wrapped up in a pink blanket, as soon as i took her in my arms she opened her eyes and saw me & i smiled back her expression was that of a relief that YES THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE and why not her uncles’ arms are the most perfect place to feel at home. I am generally quite nervous holding small kids and she was there in my arms as delicate as a flower i was really scared i might not drop her but she sticked to me so close, it gave an amazing feeling of completeness.

I fell in love with her the moment i saw her, i am wandering whether she will ever go to her parents arms beacause i had her in mine all the while i was at the hospital. She is my new toys and boy i take care of my toys well or what!!. I cant have enough of her and pretty sure this space will be really small for my bragging about my love for her but one thing is for sure she is my new obsession and i cant wait to get hold of her again 🙂

Oh and btw we still havent named her yet, her lucky word is “M” so please feel free to give some nice suggestions for my brother’s baby.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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