Nokia N97 Sneak Peak


Karachi, May 22nd 2009.. Kama Meshi Sports bar, DHA karachi.  Nokia Pakistan’s Communication team comprising of Adeel Hashmi and Khuram Pradhan wanted to interact with the best source of viral marketing, THE BLOGGERS!IMG_0842

Nokia pakistan are planning to launch yet another head set in the N-series category, the Nokia N-97. The basic idea behind this meetup is the make all these tech savy information hungry maniacs famaliar with the new device. The theme of the new product is making internet personal to you, which is your own personal internet on the go, just so that you stay connected to the world at all times, you dont have to be dependent on someone else’s internet connection.

The 4th Screen.. the end of something and the beginning of something else.

The first screen was the silver screen which was the father of all entertainment.. the cinema, discovered 100 years ago and entertaining people and making them aware as the first medium.

The 2nd screen is the TV.. the smaller screen which brought the world to your home in your TV sets. Making us vary of information, entertainment, sports etc etc.

The third screen is the Monitor of your computer.. emphasizing more on the internet.  It made the world a global village, making people  across continents come together, and communicate with each other regardless of the distance, nationality and  interests.

Currently there are 1.3 billion users all over the world, and an striking 40% of the lot use internet on their mobile devices. Research suggest that by the year 2012 1.5 billion people will be using internet through their mobile devices. Well this figure attracted Nokia amazingly. And why would not be someone baffled by such facts, this presents an astonoshing opportunity to take advantage of the growing market.

IMG_0864The 4th Screen.. as they call it.. Cell phones gave the world a whole new way to express themselves. Almost substituting the pc world, partnering the internet in such a way that it became the way of life. Cellular devices have such a huge impact in a person’s life nowadays that they are almost incomplete without it. They can access the internet through their cellular devices and have the world in their palms, on the go. They don’t need to have a notebook or a desktop computer to connect to the internet, that simple device in their palms can do wonders, making life much more easier for them.

Nokia exploits this opportunity in the best way. Presenting consumers with devices that collaborate with internet and other services that save them a great deal of time and money.

Nokia’s services such as Ovi, GPS-maps, email  services, Stock reports, Weather reports and what not! All these services have made life easier for the consumers, having all these various sort of information on hand anytime they want, what more do you want from life. Nokia’s major focus is Consumer convenience and making life easier for them as well as providing excellent services in addition to over coming all the communication barriers bybringing the device and services together to provide consumers friendly solutions.


A Flash of N-97

Your mini laptop!

As light as a feather at just 150 grams.

System configuration of : WCDMA 900/1900/2100

S60 5th edition

dimension of : 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm; 18.25 mm at camera area

3.5 inch TFT with upto 16 million colors.

An astonishing 48GB memory.

Camera: Carl Zeiss Tessar, 5.4 mm, upto  5 megapixels

Talktime: Upto 320 min (3G) 400 min (GSM)

music playback : Upto staggering 37 hours!  You will get bored but your phone wont!

WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g with UPnP Support connectivity

Nokia_N97_white_HE1GPS receiver with support for assisted GPS (A-GPS)

Easy and fast connection to internet services

easy text input wit QWERTY keyboard and touch screen.

live personal home screen with widgets.

fully compatible with Ovi services.

high qualtiy video on the large 3.5 inch 16:9 widescreen.

Nokia Maps with integrated compass and A-GPS receiver.

Multimedia city guided navigation services. Drive voice guided car navigation or walk: pedestrian optimized.


Oh and not to forget World-class game titles with N-gage. At 60 K this device is pretty awesome.. try it!!



5 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Sneak Peak

    1. Thanks a lot Umair, my review is just a small effort that i conjured in the time i had during the event. yours and farhan’s are alot more comprehensive and much more informative.
      I would like you to please assist me in future as to how can i make write better reviews, improve my posts and how can my blog be more visible and related issues.

      Vasif Abbas

  1. Vasif , thanks for liking the review , I like how you snapped it with a laptop and the caption is to kill for . Any help you like , you are most welcome I’ll learn something from you too 🙂

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