My Country… at WAR!!

Pakistan is now officially at war. It is time we offer unconditional support to our troops, officers and men who are fighting and dying for our honor, security and peace. We have all seen enough of filthy and sick face of TTP terrorists and their brutal massacre of innocent Pakistanis. Finally, the political government takes responsibility and takes the nation into confidence. Lets shun our differences for the moment and unite for a common cause of eliminating the terrorists who have insulted and humiliated our faith, nation and the country. It is time we remove the cancer.

We also warn the government not to succumb to US demands and dictations. We are watching the US and the government very closely and any wrong move by them would be resisted fiercely. The government of PPP must not make a wrong move or they will be exposed and removed by patriotic Pakistanis. US is demanding that:

* Pakistan’s nuke and missile program should be put under US influence.
Already this government has cut all research and development funds for the
strategic projects. US also wants to “secure” all enriched Uranium
stocks which Pakistan have.
* US wants to remove Governor NWFP Owais Ghani and bring a traitor in his
* US wants Pakistan to allow transit facilities to Indians for Afghanistan.
* US wants Pakistan to go slow against Indians and focus on destroying
Taliban in Afghanistan.

We warn the government NOT to do any of the above. In fact, transit facilities to US should also be withdrawn as the US continues to keep Dr. Afia in their custody, continue to attack us with drones, continue to support terrorism in Pakistan and continue to misuse our relationship by allowing Indians to sponsor terrorism in Baluchistan and tribal areas.

We would like to make it clear that Pakistani nation does not consider Afghan Mujahideen (Mullah Omar, Gulbadin Hekmatyar and Jalal uddin Haqqani) as terrorists. The Afghans are fighting a just war of resistance against foreign occupation. Pakistani nation will not side with US and Indians to destroy Afghan Taliban.

We also strongly believe that local TTP is a terrorist organization, funded, created and sponsored by CIA, RAW and Mossad and share no values, ideology or morality with Afghan Mujahideen. TTP is a shame for Islam, Pakistan and Jihad everywhere and must be crushed with full force, as army has started to do now.

Pakistani nation must stand united on above issues. اللہ willing, we will defeat the enemies and establish the pristine, pure and benevolent values of our deen in this Pak Sarzameen, the Madina e Sani of the era.

Do your duty and have faith in اللہ . This country has come to stay and grow, انشاءاللہ


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