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“Ammar Afzal” Pakistani Student Makes a World Record in Winning a Software Course

Tribute to Young Brilliant Pakistani Student Ammar Afzal

Ammar Afzal a 9th class student from Okara city wins world computer software course. According to the details published in newspaper Ammar Afzal 15 years old student of 9th class studying in the district public school and college, got the distinction by winning first global position in Stanford University England’s (SUE) World Computer Soft ware Course. On 1st May, 09, on scholarship from SUE he had moved to England for further education in his field.  According to Ammar Afzal his Internet Trainor Mr Simond had challenged him in an angry mood to solve some question, and had pledged that if he succeeded to solve these questions, Mr Simond would resign from his job. Ammar solved the computer soft ware riddles within an hour.  He got 4.99 marks out of 5 in the test which is a world record. Mr Simond stuck-up to his pledge and resigned . Ammar said that he would always maintain high regard for Mr Simond as a teacher though he might be angry with him, as he had gained a lot from him.

I personally congratulate him for his success and wish him further look in futuere. This is a lesson for us that how people get success when there is a firm belief & greater will to learn.


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2 responses to ““Ammar Afzal” Pakistani Student Makes a World Record in Winning a Software Course

  1. Olive ⋅

    Interesting news item!

  2. vasef

    yes sure it is.. very rare in our country u knw!

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